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Our Story

Our dfafd-removebg-preview-mincooking oil is a household name and has added taste to your food for decades. We wanted to add another dimension to our food journey and decided to venture into another multi dimensional food, that is biscuits.

We got all the right ingredients to make the world class biscuits. Right from the State of the Art Factory with new baking technologies to make innovative products to stringent quality control which makes sure you get the best in the class! We have created wide range of products for every market & segment.

Our biscuits are the new bench mark in quality & needless to say taste!

Jubilo Glucose D, Jubilo Marie, Jubilo Toast, Jubilo Digestive is the ultimate healthy choice for the entire family.

Mmmingle Butter Masti, Mmmingle Salty Salty, Mmmingle Sweety Salty, is the choice of the new millennials.

Moi Moi Cram biscuits, Moi Moi Orange, Moi Moi Pineapple, Moi Moi Chocolate, Moi Moi Strawberry will take your young ones on a tasty adventure.

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